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Notes on Sql Server data types

  • How to create a new layer type ?

In project BingMapsWPFViewer.Model :

- Add layer type to enum BingMapsWPFViewer.Model.enLayerType

- Create corresponding class (inheriting from VectorLayerBase if vectors, or TileLayerBase if tile image layer)

- Implement base class abstract methods an especially LayerType property that must return the new enLayerType

In project BingMapsWPFViewer.ViewModel :

- Create View Model inheriting from LayerBaseViewModel

- Add a Layer property which is the model object

In project BingMapsWPFViewer.Views:

- Create a view DataTemplate in directory DataTemplates\EditLayers ViewModel inheriting from LayerBaseViewModel

- Add code to LayerDataTemplateSelector class inspiring you from existing code. This code will locate the correct data template for a given LayerViewModel

In project BingMapsWPFViewer.Main:

- In App.xaml.cs, register ViewModel in ViewModelTypeLocator in RegisterViewModels method

- In App.xaml, add DataTemplate to the resource dictionary

In project BingMapsWPFViewer.Services:

If your layer is a vector layer :

- Add your loading logic in FeatureSpatialService

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