What is Bing Maps WPF Viewer ?

1) A fast and simple way to display spatial data from different sources :

  • SQL Server (any SRID, with data reprojection)
  • Shapefile
  • TileXYZ
  • More to come...

2) A good bootstrap for developers who want to want to know how to :

  • query and display spatial data
  • create a WPF application the MVVM-way 


NOTE : please leave any comments or suggestions here

News :

Features :

* Multi layer support
* Tile layers XYZ format
* MS SQL Server spatial layer

Coming soon :
* Feature query and filtering
* Data grid
* Feature styling

Who is the target audience ?

* GIS developers working on SQL Server spatial data
* Cartographer who want to quickly find an visualize features on a map

How to use Bing Maps WPF Viewer from source code ?

* Rebuild solution
* Download Bing Maps WPF Control SDK 
* Download Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 SP1 Feature Pack
* Sample database (not mandatory) can be found in ServiceMocks project under SampleData directory. Attach it to a Sql Server instance (at least 2008).

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